Programming to Fit Your Goals

At ACF we believe in workout personalization. That’s why we love CrossFit. Are you an endurance athlete? We’ve got a workout track for you. Want to compete? Awesome! We’ve got a workout track for you. Are your goals to remain independent and active life long? We’ve got an exercise plan for you! ACF offers a variety of programming for whatever your goals may be. Be sure to share your goals with us during your No Sweat Consultation.

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Your Journey Starts Today

This package is the entry into the gym.

All monthly memberships will begin with the Essentials, after the free No Sweat Intro. The essentials will consist of four 1:1 sessions with one of our trained coaches. This will be the foundation of your fitness journey ensuring you have the knowledge and tools needed to achieve your fitness goals.

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NO TIME TO WORKOUT?! This class is perfect for you!

Our 30 Minute program offers those that are on a time crunch a quick and efficient workout. This instructor lead class allows participants to get a full body workout in just 30 minutes. With no barbell included, participants will move through different body weight and light resistance movements. This membership is great for those who are new to an exercise routine or don’t have time for an hour long workout. this can be a great fit into your lunchtime hour. This membership also includes a Full Nutrition plan booklet, goal setting session and quarterly review, as well as a health screening which consists of blood pressure, height, weight, and body measurements. It’s time to get started!

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The Magic is in the Movement

In our one-hour CrossFit group classes, the magic is in the movements. Workouts are different every day and modified to help each member achieve his or her goals. Constantly varied movements are the key. CrossFit workouts can be adapted for people at any age and level of fitness. It is built on the foundation of functional fitness that is used in everyday life. Each workout is coached by a certified CrossFit coach. This membership also includes a full nutrition plan book, goal setting sessions, and quarterly review as well as a health screening which consists of blood pressure, height, weight, and body measurements.

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Nourish Yourself

Do you struggle with knowing what to eat to sustain your workouts? Not getting the results you’re hoping for? Wanting to improve your overall health?

This package includes everything in the CrossFit package PLUS a full nutrition plan and two personalized consults with a Registered Dietitian in your first month! You will also get bi-weekly check-ins (15-20 min) every month after that. This will allow you to take your health and fitness goals to the next level and fully combine nutrition and fitness for maximum results.

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Finally... Exercise, Nutrition Services, and Primary Care all in One!

This package will take care of all your health and healthcare needs.

Not only will you get everything the CrossFit package includes to cover your functional movement and fitness, but this package also includes your medical and nutrition care. Ashe CrossFit has partnered with Elevation Health, PC to offer Primary Medical Care and your gym membership all for a reasonable monthly payment. Elevation Health, PC takes a lifestyle first approach to medicine. With this Total Health package you receive an annual physical, basic labs annually, and 4 additional visits in the year. The additional visits can be with Heather Peters, Nurse Practitioner or Maggi Birdsell, Registered Dietitian. You do have the option to upgrade your Elevation Health membership to an unlimited number of visits per year for $25. This package does require a 6 or 12 month commitment.

CrossFit Youth

Youth CrossFit is based on the principle of Mechanics, Consistency and then Intensity. By focusing on proper mechanics we are encouragingphysical literacy, enhanced sports performance, and fewer sports injuriesfor kids.

Youth CrossFit is meant to provide a fun and active alternative tosedentary pursuits, encouraging a healthier lifestyle for our children andteens. The atmosphere is fun and energetic, with workouts that aredesigned specifically for kids and teens.

CrossFit Personal Training

Depending on your fitness level, health issues, and fitness goals, a personal trainer will customize a workout program for YOUR needs. This also gives you that one-on-one attention.

With a program that fits you, you are more likely to maintain the habit. This gives you quicker, more effective, and lasting results. Personal Training

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